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Employee Parent Empowerment Services

By adding EPES to your benefits you can start being proactive & helping employees who are becoming parents

61% of working mothers said that it was challenging to
re-enter the workforce.


1 in 3 working moms said executives should be more outspoken on policies that support working parents to foster a more inclusive, equal workplace.

What are some of the ways EPES and the team support new moms?

Sleeping Baby.png
Navigating Sleep
Baby Bottle.png
Feeding Their
Baby Feet.png
Returning Back
To Work

Providing Preventative Care & Postpartum Support

What are

"Your support during this time has been more than words can even express. I couldn’t have imagined doing these first few months without your support.”

“While I tried to inform and educate myself as much as I could in preparation for my baby’s birth, nothing can truly prepare one for the journey ahead. I am fortunate to have been able to connect with Quoida around the time of my baby’s arrival for her knowledge and support has truly been Godsend.”

"The EPES program was so important to my transition from maternity leave, I felt supported, encouraged, but most importantly, empowered."

Postpartum Support

is Preventative Care

Mother with her Baby


With support, 64% of new

parents are less likely to have postpartum depression/anxiety.


50% of partners are more likely to have postpartum

depression if their partners do. 


70-80% of new moms

have baby blues.


1 in 8 new moms suffer

from postpartum depression/anxiety.

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