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Why Choose EPES
for Your Company?

Do you know what the most overlooked leadership development and growth opportunity for companies is?

A program that supports employees when they are out on parental leave!

Many companies are losing employees when they become parents, but they don't have to...

By investing in EPES,
you're investing in your company!


The Employee Parent Empowerment Services (EPES) program is a 4-6 week customized program for new and expecting parents. 


In this program, new parents have 1:1 virtual video calls with EPES coaches who have a background in nursing. These coaches guide parents with their babies, bodies, relationships, and preparing to go back to work. 

Transitioning from a working individual to a working parent is one of life’s biggest adjustments, it should be celebrated and supported.

1:1 Virtual Coaching

Who is it for?

> Employees going out on family leave.

What's included?

> 4 - 6 weeks of virtual coaching with an EPES Nurse Coach.

> Sessions tailored to the questions and needs of the employee. 

> Support from someone trained to know what you need. 

Example Support Topics

  • Help Feeding Baby

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Postpartum Blues vs Depression

  • Understanding Baby Cries

  • Baby Wearing

  • Baby Proofing

  • Safety in the Home and Car

  • Knowing the Difference of Normal vs Not Normal 

  • Dealing with Mom/Parent Guilt

  • Healthy Coping Skills

  • Meal Planning

  • How to Have a Successful Transition Back to Work

  • and Much More!

When a company chooses EPES, they are choosing to invest in their employees while increasing retention rates. 

EPES currently holds a 100% retention rate of employees who participate in the program.  

Increase Retention Rates

Decrease Medical Costs

Increase Profit Margins

Employees Come Back Feeling More

Supported, Empowered, & Productive

Baby Room

EPES can help your organization support and celebrate working parents. EPES is an added benefit for companies seeking to provide inclusive, quality, evidence based care, and coaching services.

We provide expecting and working parents with virtual support from maternity, paternity, postpartum, and parenting needs.

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